Modern Test Centre

Modern Test Centre is a Radiological Testing Laboratory, Accreditated to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Government of India, and Department of Atomic Energy & National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Government. of India, Department of Science & Technology. The test centre is also recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for radioactive residue tests. The test centre measures very low level Activity in the samples by long duration counting using sophisticated nuclear instruments. The test centre maintains a high level of accuracy level in its measurements

Modern Test Center

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MTC Accreditions

Modern Test Center is registered with Industry Department of Govt. Of Odisha as a service sector Enterprises under Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) Development Act -2006. The laboratory and its management are also registered with Inspector General Registration, Odisha, Cuttack, a statutory body of Govt. of Odisha for registration of firms…


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The laboratory is managed by a group of three professionals. Sri. Rajendra Kumar Mishra, M.Sc. (Physics), Sri. Saroj Kanta Panigrahy, MBA, and Sri. Arun Kumar Sahu, MBA, LLB. The laboratory management is headed by Sri. Rajendra Kumar Mishra. He officiates as the Chief Executive of the test centre…

Managing Partner & Chief Executive

Rajendra Kumar Mishra
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Partner & Sr. Executive Marketing

Saroj Kanta Panigrahy
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Partner & Sr. Executive Marketing

Arun Kumar Sahu
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Rajendra Kumar Mishra

Name : Rajendra Kumar Mishra
Name of Spouse : Mrs. Aliva Mahapatra
Educational Qualification : M.SC (Physics)
Date of Birth : 05.10.1963
Place of Birth : Chatrapur
Permanent Address : Gandhinagar 5th lane Extension East, Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha, Pin: 760001
Phone No. : 0680 2403321(O), 06802403322(D), 0680 2225252(R)
Mobile : +919437358552, +917978059542, +917325915572
Responsibility  in MTC : 1) Managing Partner
2) Chief Executive
3) Technical Head Testing Division
4) Quality Manager
Email ID :,

Sarojkanta Panigrahy

Name : Sarojkanta Panigrahy
Name of Spouse : Mrs. Harapriya Panigrahy
Educational Qualification : Master of Business Administration
Date of Birth : 30.12.1960
Place of Birth : Seragarh
Permanent Address : Neelanchalanagar, 4th lane Extension, Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha Pin: 760010
Phone No. : 0680 2403322(O), 0680 2403333(R)
Mobile : +9194378768833, +918249295133
Responsibility  in MTC : 1) Control of Marketing not work.
2) Day to day Management of the laboratory
3) Partner in MTC
Email ID :

Arun Kumar Sahu

Name : Arun Kumar Sahu
Name of Spouse : Mrs. Rajiba Kumari Sahu
Educational Qualification : Master of Business Administration, & LLB
Date of Birth : 02.10.1960
Place of Birth : Phulabani
Permanent Address : HIG-I, Phase-I, Nilakantha Nagar,
Berhampur, Ganjam, Odisha
Pin :760002
Phone No. : 0680 2403321(O), 8763672702(R)
Mobile : +91 94378768811, +91 7008851965
Responsibility  in MTC : 1) Human Resource Management
2) Financial Accounts
3) Partner in Modern Test Center
Email ID :